What is Expressive Arts Therapy??

No previous art experience is required

Expressive Arts Therapy WorkshopExpressive Arts Therapy Workshop
Expressive Art: ShameExpressive Art: Shame
Expressive Arts Therapy StudioExpressive Arts Therapy Studio

Expressive arts therapy is a professional therapy practice using psycho-therapeutic techniques while using the creation of art to help guide individuals towards a greater sense of understanding and awareness of themselves.   It is a multidisciplinary approach using the imagination and creativity through the exploration of the arts.   The therapist provides a safe comfortable space and individuals are given the invitation to use and explore a variety of art forms.

Therapists use art forms such as:

  • music,
  • sound making,
  • play,
  • puppets,
  • painting,
  • collage,
  • sculpting,
  • story telling,
  • mask making,
  • dance/movement
  • and poetry

For free 30 min consultation contact Ruth Wilgress 647-834-5436

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