Expressive Arts Therapy Services

Who is it for?

Expressive Arts Therapy ServicesExpressive Arts Therapy Services
Expressive Art: Caged in a Fish BowlExpressive Art: Caged in a Fish Bowl
Expressive Art: DancingExpressive Art: Dancing

Ruth Wilgress specializes in working with children, youth on a one-on-one basis in the west end of Toronto. She believes that the imagination provides another form of communication, self-expression, and insight. She uses her experience in visual art, imagination and gentle approach to provide a safe comfortable environment for children and youth to explore and find alternative ways to build self confidence, self direction, and effective coping skills that support life challenges.

Ruth also works with seniors, in group settings.

No artistic expertise or experience necessary.

Those who can benefit from Expressive Art Thaerapy:

  • anxiety(sleeping or eating disturbances)
  • depression
  • seperation/divorce
  • low self esteemeating
  • disorders
  • other mental/emotional problems
  • personal trauma or loss due to life changes
  • family and relationship issues
  • abuse and domestic violence
  • social/emotional difficulties related to disability or illness
  • addictions
  • physical, cognitive, and neurological problems
  • psychosocial difficulties

For free 30 min consultation contact Ruth Wilgress 647-834-5436